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Why New Cars Should Get Iron Decontamination Detailing

New car detailing
Iron decontamination

If you have recently bought a new car, you might think that it is in perfect condition and does not need any detailing. However, you might be surprised to learn that your new car could already have some iron contamination on its paint surface. Iron contamination is a common problem that affects all cars, regardless of their age, color, or brand. In this blog post, we will explain what iron contamination is, how it affects your car's paint, and why you should get iron decontamination detailing for your new car.

What is Iron Contamination?

Iron contamination is the term used to describe the tiny metal particles that get embedded into your car's clear coat. These particles come from various sources, such as brake dust, rail dust, industrial fallout, exhaust, and road debris. These particles are ferrous, meaning they contain iron, and they can stick to your car's paint surface due to electrostatic attraction or physical impact.

The amount of iron that was embedded into the paintwork on a nearly new car. It is common for new cars to have lots of iron embedded in the paintwork as they’re typically transported by train, ship, and road after production.

How Does Iron Contamination Affect Your Car's Paint?

Iron contamination can cause several problems for your car's paint. First of all, it can make your paint look dull and dirty, especially on lighter-colored cars. You might notice orange or yellow specks on your paint surface that are hard to remove with regular washing. These are the signs of rusting iron particles that have oxidized over time.

Secondly, iron contamination can damage your car's clear coat by creating microscopic holes and scratches. This can compromise the protection and gloss of your clear coat and expose your paint to further environmental damage. If left untreated, iron contamination can lead to paint failure and corrosion.

Thirdly, iron contamination can interfere with your car's paint correction and protection process. If you want to polish or wax your car, you need to make sure that your paint surface is free of any contaminants that can affect the results. Iron particles can create swirl marks and holograms when polished with a machine or a pad. They can also prevent the wax or sealant from bonding properly with your clear coat and reduce their durability and performance.

Why Should You Get Iron Decontamination Detailing for Your New Car?

As you can see, iron contamination is a serious issue that can affect any car, even a brand new one. That is why you should get iron decontamination detailing for your new car as soon as possible. Iron decontamination detailing is a process that involves using a special product that is designed to break down and remove the iron particles from your paint surface.

By getting iron decontamination detailing for your new car, you can ensure that your paint surface is clean and smooth for further detailing steps. You can also enhance the appearance and protection of your paint by removing the unsightly and harmful iron particles. Iron decontamination detailing is an essential step for maintaining the beauty and value of your new car.

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